Free Software

M-Bus Master software is intended for readout of M-Bus slave devices according to EN1434 and EN13757 standards, such as heat, electric, water, gas meters...
Single M-Bus devices or group of devices can be read once or periodically over serial port, dial-up modem or TCP/UDP network protocol.
Setting of group of devices can be stored and saved in xml file. The readout data of individual M-Bus devices or group of devices can be stored in xml file, and additional csv file, for further analysis and processing. Also, data can be viewed as M-Bus packages written in hex format for advanced analysis, and can be stored in a csv file.

GSM Utility software is intended for easy configuration of DECODE GT900 - 110, GT900 - 343 and GT900 - 686 devices, with functionalities as GPRS Router, SMS Reporter, GSM Key and SMS Gateway.
Main window is terminal like, whilst depending on device’s functionality associated tab window is enabled and brought up to view. User can freely change functionality of device depending on current requests. The software enables loading and saving device’s configuration. This helps with configuration of several devices with same demands. There is an option of testing GSM hardware, e.g., digital / analog inputs, relay outputs, functionality of GSM module, which is useful in the event of a suspicion of a hardware failure.

SMS reporter application is a free software intended for convenient use of GT900-110/343/686 devices in SMS Reporter mode in home applications.
Application works on all android devices. You can download APK installation file here on our page. It gives you possibility to fast and easily check status of your analog and digital inputs, and control your relay outputs via one click on your mobile device.