Digital Excise For Energy Sources

Digital Excise Management for Energy Sources (DEMES)

The trend of increased control of excise products, on a global level, aimed to prevent illegal trade of excise goods, fuel. With successful implementation of the digital software solution, which regulates excise products, the government managed to establish a higher level of control. It will have a positive impact on the entire system, on the reduction illegal trade and increase in revenue from the collected excise tax.

DEMES is used by government authorities for nation-wide control of supply chains involved with the distribution of excise goods from wholesaler to retailer. It is software solution for monitoring and gathering data from network elements designed to control the inflow and outflow of fuel at petrol stations.

The main goal is to track all fuel volume changes in order to recognise illegal income of fuel distributed from unknown sources. System has ability to create notification towards authority in order to find illicit changes. System is integrated with external systems e fiscalization and e dispatchnote in order to check amount of fuel that is sold to the end customer and to check amount of fuel that is dispatched to petrol station. Software communicates with network element IOT Gateway based on MQTT protocol for gathering information from IOT Sensors and storing that information to a database.

Advanced analytic system that is implemented, allows generation of complex reports for tracking and monitoring fuel volume per petrol stations.


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