About Us

About Us

DECODE d.o.o is a privately owned company founded in 1991. Since the very beginning our focus was on design,  production and engineering of the industrial communication and telemetry devices.


Our mission is to provide our customers with constantly developed and improved technical solutions for modern industrial communications and telemetry systems in wired, radio and mobile telemetry applications.

We pursue our mission by developing and delivering complete hardware and software solutions based on state-of-the-art developments in electronics and telecommunication.

We strive for excellence in all we do.


Our vision is to be a world reference in the field of monitoring and control to support our growth strategy and differentiation of our values:

Teamwork, as our power is in our employees. With the support of a strong team of engineers with diverse technical backgrounds, a unique blend of capabilities is attained.

Excellence in service, meeting our commitments we take responsibility for all our decisions and actions, based on high standards of excellence of our customers. 

Innovation, continuously improving our products and solutions and working with global technology partners researching breakthrough technologies with the ultimate goal of providing a unique and distinctive product value to our customers.

Our Certifications

Decode uses management systems as a driver for continual improvement. Our certified systems underpin the work the business undertakes, to ensure our products and services meet or exceed both Decode’s and our customers’ needs and expectations. We comply with the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

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