DG100 Partners is brought to you by Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH. Founded in 2006, the Applied Informatics team has more than a decade of experience in IoT and software for connected devices. They serve a global customer base across a wide variety of industries including automotive, industrial, building/home automation and information technology. They are well known in the C++ community as the company sponsoring the widely used POCO C++ Libraries open source project which was started in 2004 by Günter Obiltschnig, the founder of Applied Informatics.

IoT Partners

ThingsBoard, Inc. is the IT (IoT) company renowned for its best-in-class IoT platforms. Their software solutions are designed to help developers reduce time to market and solve common and particular challenges for their smart applications, e. g. the data collection, data processing, analysis, visualization, device and user management, etc. Their flagship products are ThingsBoard Community edition (CE) and ThingsBoard Professional edition (PE) IoT platforms, ThingsBoard IoT Gateway, ThingsBoard Trendz Analytics.

IDM 50B Partners

As a part of DECODE’s traditional skills adapting to customers requirements, the new FSK modem, operating over radio or power lines (PLCC) was produced for Indonesia and surrounding markets. Asia and it’s developing power sectors, in India, Iran, Indonesia, generated export jobs to stabilize DECODE’s position on several more markets. At the same time partnerships were established with leaders (system integrators) that provide complete know-how, training, installation and technical services/support:
ABB India Ltd.
Siemens India Ltd.
Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd. (India)
DONGFANG Electronics India Ltd.
GE T&D India Ltd.
ZIV Automation India Private Ltd.
Chemtrols Industries Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Synergy Systems and Solutions (India)
SCOPE T&M Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Punjab Communications Ltd. (India)
Iran Control & Communication Systems Supply Co. (ICS - Iran)
MB Control (India)
Danish Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Integra Teknik Asia, PT. (Indonesia)
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