Digital Excise Management System

Digital Excise Management System (DEMS)

The trend of increased control of excise products, on a global level, aimed to prevent illegal trade and falsification of excise goods, to establish control over goods, primarily cigarettes, strong alcoholic beverages, coffee products, wine, beer, as well as other consumer goods, including soft drinks and mineral water. With successful implementation of the digital software solution, which regulates excise products, the government managed to establish a higher level of control. It will have a positive impact on the entire system, on the reduction illegal trade, counterfeit products and increase in revenue from the collected excise tax.

Digital Excise Management System is used by government authorities for nation-wide control of supply chains involved with the production, import, export and distribution of excise products.

Central component is Track and Trace system, that can monitor production in real time, movement and trade and determine the history of excise products that are properly marked by a secure and unique identifier. Implemented security features ensure the right product is monitored and its identifier remains unchanged and non-manipulated during the movement of a product along the whole supply chain process. The supply chain processes are secured at every point in the system, from manufacturer to distributor, wholesaler, retailer.


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