SimplRF Wireless Sensors


  • Building block for large wireless sensor networks
  • Up to four physical quantities in single device
  • Powered by replacable CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Long battery life up to 1 year @ 600s heartbeat*
  • Outdoor range up to 300m**
  • Data can be optionally secured by XTEA encryption
  • Remotely configurable over the air
  • Alarm state for triggered frequent sending
  • Mounted via double sided tape, plastic staps or screws
  • LED indication for Tx for easy debugging
  • Easy connection to computer or IoT gateway


DWS100 series of wireless sensors have unlimited application potential. They are used for environmental monitoring, agriculture, smart buildings, health care and so on. By using smart power management even small coin cell battery may last at least one year. Communication can be secured by encryption with XTEA standard, which is optional. Accessing DWS100 sensor network from computer or gateway over USB, Ethernet, WiFi and more interfaces is easy with DSH101 series sensor hub device which may accept up to 50 sensor devices. This sensor series is also supported by SimplHub bundle in DG100 Smart Edge IoT Gateway.


  • Offices
  • Data centers
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Storage facilities (food, farmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Agriculture (green houses, vineyards, etc.)
  • Farming
  • and many more...


Based on physical and network layers of open source SimplicTI protocol this series of wireless sensors offers more by adopting Simpl (Simplified Modbus Protocol Layer) as application layer. This approach offers unified memory based application model of sensor which is usable for different application. Adding new primitives of indication and confirmation together with existing request and response, make this protocol ideal for bidirectional communication in low power wireless and actuator network.


Operating frequency868MHz accoriding to EN 300 220
TopologyStar with single access point and up to 50 end devices
ProtocolsSimpliciTI for PHY/MAC/LLC and SimplRF for APL
Battery lifeUp to 1 year @ 600s heartbeat*
Power supplyReplaceable 3.0V (CR2032) Coin Cell Battery
Current consumptionIdle 2µA, max 33mA at 3.0V
Outdoor rangeUp to 300m**
EnclosureABS plastic, 50x35x25mm
Operating temperature -10ºC to +60ºC, 0 to 95% (non condensed)
Weightcca 21g

* Actual range may vary depending on environment.
** Battery life is determined by sensor reporting frequency and other variables.

measured Physical quantities

Different sensor types are available with several physical quantities. Some devices are single physical quantity sensor while others are combining multiple quantities in a single device. Sensor name consists of sensor family name and sensor type number. For example DWS101 is name for DWS100 series NTC temperature sensor with 01 sensor type number.


DWS10110447Temperature | NTC 10K | -30.0 ~ 105.0℃€43
SKU# 10447

DWS10210448Temperature | NTC 10K, 1m probe | -30.0 ~ 105.0℃€45
SKU# 10448

DWS11010433Temperature and humidity | HDC2010 | -40.0 ~ 125.0℃, 0 ~ 100%€53
SKU# 10433

DWS11110449Temperature and pressure | BMP280 | -40.0 ~ 85.0℃, 300 - 1100hPa€53
SKU# 10449

DWS11210450Temperature, humidity and pressure | BME280 | -40.0 ~ 85.0℃, 0 ~ 100hPa, 300 - 1100hPa€59
SKU# 10450

DWS11410451Ambient light (human eye response) | OPT3001 | 1 ~ 65535lux€53
SKU# 10451

DWS11510452Optical power (300 ~1000nm) | OPT3002 | 100nW/cm² ~ 6.5535mW/cm²€53
SKU# 10452

DWS11610453Red/Green/Blue/White light | VEML6040 | Raw data 4 x 0~65535€53
SKU# 10453

DWS11710435UVA/UVB light | VEML6075 |UVA 0.91 counts/µW/cm², UVB 2.1 counts/µW/cm²€53
SKU# 10435

DWS13010436Switch input 1m cable | Logic level 0,1€43
SKU# 10436

DWS13110454Alarm reed switch | Logic level 0,1€45
SKU# 10454

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