This is one of the most usual implementations of our GT900-110 platform. It is a standard solution in simple automatization of well-tank system. This approach is used by many water supply companies. In the text below we will suggest you one of many possibilities on how to use our products.

  • GT900-110 in SMS Reporter mode
  • Solar charger

It is a very common situation that you have well with pump on one location, and water reservoir on a completely different, remote location. These locations are usually on inaccessible terrains, and it would be very expensive and inefficient that workers check manually levels of water in tank. Also, if you would try to refill reservoir on a hunch you are facing two problems – because consumption is not linear, and depends on circumstances, you could possibly have situations that your tank is empty for periods of time, and also that you are overfilling it on the other.


You can easily resolve this situation with just two DECODE GT900-110 devices in SMS Reporter mode. In tank you have to put some simple water level sensor. When water level in tank gets to predefined low position, device that is located here, receives this signal from sensor which activates sending of SMS to another GT900-110 device that is located at well location. This SMS activates relay output of second device that starts the pump, which is filling reservoir with water from well. When water level in reservoir reaches designated maximum the whole operation is repeated with intention of switching the pump off.

This procedure is done via GSM, which has well coverage on large portion of the territory. Nevertheless because of the mechanics of sending SMS you don’t need such a great signal, like for calls or internet. One thing that you will need are SIM cards in devices. GT900-110 supports all cellular providers.

You can assign phone numbers to I/O’s, so your technicians can be notified whenever there is a change of status on them. It’s a two way communication so it gives you possibility to manually check status, or activate pump from your office or home.

Furthermore, what we can offer is a complete enclosure with battery and solar panel that is sufficient to work independently for years, even on locations that are inaccessible. SMS Reporter has small consumption mainly because it is in standby mode most of the time. It activates only when it has to send/receive something. Central part of this installation is another DECODE device – Solar Charger. A simple solution that will help you save your time and money.

This is one of the many possibilities for application of our SMS Reporter. You can always upgrade it with your own ideas, or if you have any doubts if it is the right device for your needs, you can always contact us, and we will customize solution for you!


Decode Marketing Team

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