Decode is aiming to provide best possible support in remote telemetry, signal conversion and smart metering. Decode EMU devices are used for measurement of AC and DC voltages and currents, and also they have integrated RS-485 Modbus connection. By using our EMU products you can easily monitor diesel generators. You can see below how our customer implemented them with standard PLCs.

Problem statement

Monitoring of diesel generators includes monitoring of engine operation parameters and also three phase currents, voltages and frequencies.

Our customer was using standard PLCs for such kind of monitoring. With that setup, there is a need for a lot of accurate alternating currents and voltages measuring transducers.

If there are lots of measurements, it’s better to implement a specific device dedicated only for that. Our customer added Decode’s products to the setup, and managed to simplify the diesel generator control.

Decode solution

By using only one Decode EMU C3 and two Decode EMU V3 devices, the customer had solved the problem. EMU devices were connected to RS-485 Modbus port of the PLCs, since they have integrated RS-485 Modbus connection.

As a result, this solution enabled continuous monitoring of the voltages and currents at each feeder in the switchboards. Also, this solution provided precise measurement of line frequency.

In the image below, you can see the schematic of this solution.

Also, you can see more about all the features of the EMU devices on the our Download page.

Benefit analysis

Decode EMU devices have added a reliable and precise measurement to the system. Our customer’s PLC was able to detect electrical failures, and also some abnormal behaviors such as short circuits, over/under voltage or overloads.

Implementation of EMU devices will enable you to use simpler and cost effective PLC. This is possible because EMU devices are the ones which are performing all analog measurements and conditioning.

If you think this can be a solution for your project, check our Product page.

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