We’ve got new prices on our radio devices

We’ve got new prices on our radio devices

During the past year we have worked hard on improving ourselves and giving you something to look forward to.
We experienced a high demand in RF products during that time which lead us to optimize our production processes.
This being said we have managed to recalculate the costs of our RF product line which brings us to good news.
All these changes have created a window of opportunity for us to permanently reduce prices on our radio devices:
PRM 4, RRSW 868 and RPBS 868.
These radio devices work in a free unlicensed 868MHz range. You just need to connect your end devices and communicate by sending data, commands or signals.


As of today RF device prices will be reduced by 25%.
Website prices are updated so feel free to look around and find what you need.

Our team is always here to help you out if you have any additional questions.

Keep safe!

Yours Truly,
Decode Sales Team

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