SMS Reporter Application

Android application for controlling DECODE GT900-110-343-686 devices


  • Free software
  • Android based
  • Redout of analog/digital I/O
  • Control of relay outputs
  • Easy installation
  • In App manual
  • No internet connection is needed


SMS Reporter application is free software made by DECODE that works on Android devices. It is intended to work with DECODE hardware, GT900-110-343-686 devices in SMS Reporter mode.


You can easily install it by downloading APK file from our web page. Download is completely safe. When you finish installation on your mobile device, you have to give it permission so that it can interact with your SMS application.

How it works

SMS Reporter app works by sending predefined textual command through SMS when you click on graphical command button. There is no need to be connected to the internet, you only need GMS coverage.


This application gives user a possibility to control unlimited number of devices.User can check status of digital inputs, check values on analog inputs, change their names, units etc. and turn on/off relay outputs. Every of these states have different color coding that gives out information with just one glance at display.

Additional information can be found in user manual that is built in app.

Designed for

GT900 - 110104161 relay output, 1 digital input€165


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SKU# 10416

GT900 - 343104173 relay outputs, 4 digital inputs, 3 analog inputs€200


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GT900 - 686104186 relay outputs, 8 digital inputs, 6 analog inputs€250


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SKU# 10418