Here we are at the end of Q2

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Hello again everyone! Time flies and so the second quarter of our project is finished. As always we had our end of the quarter meeting. This meeting was attended by the most important people from all three institutions: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade (ETF), Institute of Technical Sciences of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ITN) and Decode. Due to the ongoing situation with the pandemic we held a skype meeting to discuss reached milestones for this quarter.

We thought it would be good to take this opportunity and introduce you to the team members that attended this meeting.

At the meeting screenshot above we present, from top to bottom:

Goran Dragišić (Decode, EE, head of development department) more than 20 years successfully leading and managing a team of hardware and software developers in Decode. Involved in more than 50 products successfully pushed to the market. Specialized in remote monitoring, IoT, wireless sensors and measuring technologies.

Peđa Mihailović (ETF, PhD EE, associate professor at the Department of Microelectronics and Technical Physics) teaches physics, solar and wind energy, sensors and actuators, laser engineering and fiber optic sensors. He is coauthor of two textbooks and a patent on national level. Main area of his research are renewable energy sources, sensors and optoelectronic measurement systems.

Slobodan Petričević (ETF, PhD EE, full professor and head of the Department of Microelectronics and Technical Physics) teaches physical-technical measurements, elements and construction of electronic devices and fiber optic sensors. He is the author of the book „Construction of electronic devices“, has strong background in experimental research and specialized in laser and fiber-optic measurement.

Petar Atanasijević (ETF, MA EE, PhD student and assistant at Department of Microelectronics and Technical Physics) is an associate lecturer in physics, solar and wind energy, sensors and actuators, fiber optic sensors and practicum of measurement and data acquisition. His research interests are high precision electronic and optical measuring systems, digital holography and biomimetics.

Miloš Tomić (ITN, PhD EE, Principal Research Fellow at Photovoltaic Energy Department) more than 32 years of experience in the field of optics and electronics. He spent more than 25 years as a manager of projects related to electronic, mechanical and software engineering in government security services. Having strong scientific background he specialized in optical measurement techniques and systems.

Edvard Kovač (Decode, ME, General manager) has been managing international co-operation and export-import jobs for nearly 20 years. His areas of activities, besides mechanical design and electronic solutions for automated plants, include organizational skills and responsibilities for conformity certificates obtaining, as well as integrated management systems according to ISO9000 series, environmental and OHSAS standards.

Until next time!