Decode Sensor Hub


  • Access point for DWS100 wireless sensors
  • Five host interface options: USB, Serial, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Up to 50 sensors may be attached to one hub
  • AT compatible commands for easy setup
  • HAPI protocol for host interface
  • Message buffering for sleeping sensors is supported
  • RSSI and LQI for easy installation


DSH101 sensor hub devices are radio access point and interface between multiple DWS100 wireless sensors and host devices. This family helps to acquire and integrate data from wireless sensor network based on SimplRF and communicate to host side. On the host side different interfaces are supported: RS-232/485, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. HAPI protocol (Host Access Point Interface) is used to enable communication between hub and host. To simplify installation and diagnostics RSSI (Radio Signal Strength Indicator) and LQI (Line Quality Indicator) is measured on every received message.

DSH101 may be used as simple interface between computer and sensors or may be a part of large scale system performing a role of bridge to IoT Gateways. This family of sensor hub devices is supported on DG100 gateway with SimplHub bundle.

host interfaces

USB (Option - USB)
Power supplyfrom USB port
InterfaceUSB 1.1 and 2.0 standard
CompatibilityWindows and Linux OS
ConnectionUSB type B connector
LED indicationOn, Rx, Tx
Housingplastic, 90x43x20mm
RS-232/485 (Option - SER)
Power supply8 ~ 30VDC
Speedmax. 115200bps
ConnectionDB-9 Female
Housingaluminium, 88x58x28mm
Ethernet (Option - ETH)
InterfaceIEEE 802.3, 10/100 Base-T
IP protocolUDP and TCP/IP, Server/Client
ConfigureWeb page
Power Supply8 ~ 30VDC
PoEOn request
Housingaluminium, 88x58x28mm
Wi-Fi (Option -WLN)
Standard802.11 b/g/n
Network typeStation/AP mode
ConfigureWeb page
AntennaSMA connector
Power supply8 ~ 30VDC
Housingaluminium, 88x58x28mm
Bluetooth (Option - BT)
Power supplyRechargeable battery
ChargingMicro USB
BluetoothVersion 2.1+EDR
Rangemax. 20m
LED indicationOn, Rx, Tx
Housingplastic, 90x43x20mm


DSH101 - USB10479

Simpl RF sensor interface, USB host option 



SKU# 10479

*Minimum functionality kit needs to include the device and an appropriate power supply. Please note that all accessories are sold separately.


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Power supply, DIN rail mount, DC24V 15W, AC85-264V 50/60Hz


USB Cable Type A/B 1.8~2m, for connecting to PC for debugging


Ethernet patch cable, RJ45 Male – RJ45 Male


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