Do you know that DECODE made software for its devices? Probably, as many other of our customers, you didn’t have this information. We have decided to take pride in our programming skills, and finally promote it as it deserves. Furthermore, it is a FREE software intended to make your life with our products easier. We can

GSM Utility

M-Bus Master



Decode has teamed up with 2Checkout, a payment processing provider, and can now accept credit card payments. 2Checkout offers a localized buying experience anywhere in the world, in 15 languages and 87 currencies. Your purchase experience will be smooth and pleasant, and even more importantly safe and secure, with such well-known company as a guarantee of your rights.

Belgrade power plants took a part in the EU Research and Innovation programme HORIZON 2020, within a MOEEBIUS and HOLISDER projects. MOEEBIUS: Modelling Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Buildings for Urban Sustainability HOLISDER : Integrating Real-Intelligence in Energy Management Systems enabling Holistic Demand Response Optimization in Buildings and Districts       DECODE was engaged

This example shows the general application of our DG100 IoT Edge Gateway. DG100 is collecting data from three different types of sensors. Wireless sensors over SimplRF protocol and wired sensors by using modbus RTU protocol. Wire sensors are read either directly or over the Decode EMU device.

Our addition to Decode IoT family is here. Let’s welcome DG100 Iot Edge gateway! DG100 is a compact and efficient multi-service IoT Edge Gateway for home, office and industrial applications. To learn all about it please check out its product page. This is the first of many surprises we have prepared for you. Furthermore, we have