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Communication is one of the most important things you require for a successful project.

Decode M-Bus metering solutions provide advanced and accurate ways to collect and store meter information from intelligent electricity, water, gas, heat and cooling energy meters. Solution range consists of advanced M-Bus interfacing and networking equipment and M-Bus Master PC software.                                           

Decode IoT products, gateways, access points-hubs and sensors, are high-performance, industrial-grade product families for versatile tasks in the field of IoT connectivity, Industrial IoT, M2M communication, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), automation, control, measurement and monitoring.                                      

Decode remote telemetry solutions, based on GSM and wireless licence free low power radio, are used in wide range of industrial applications – from electricity distribution to windmills, from precision farming to coal mines, from weather stations to water pumping stations, from real-time machinery monitoring to surveillance systems.

Modems are designed for use in SCADA systems mainly based upon power utility communication networks. Depending of modulation standard it can communicate through specialized, private or leased lines, radio links and power lines (PLC). Available as a desktop modem or in two different types of standard 19 inch rack.    

Decode’s range of industrial async serial converters and repeaters are ideal for applications that interface HMI, PLCs, SCADA, flow meters, CNC machines and identification card readers. Whether you wish to convert between Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 or USB they offers highest quality developed especially for industrial use.

Signal conditioners, process transmitters and isolators help interfacing real world signals and sensors with controllers, RTUs and other instrumentation in industrial environment. They provide robust analog linear signal such as 4 to 20mA or perform digital interfacing to RS-485 standard Modbus protocol.

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