SCM 201

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  • Converting 0-5Aac to 4-20mA
  • Galvanic isolation input and output
  • Power supplied from current loop
  • Monitoring current loop without interrupting it
  • Span and zero adjustment
  • Output overvoltage protection
  • High linearity and temperature stability
  • Short response time
  • DIN 35mm rail mounting


SCM 201 is a galvanic isolated transducer for 35mm DIN rail mounting that converts input Ac€“ alternate current (0-5A AC), to 4-20mA current. Conversion is proportional and linear. Transducer is supplied from measurement loop since output connection (4/20mA current) is passive 2-wire. It is possible to adjust zero current and conversion span. By connecting voltmeter to test connectors it is possible to monitor loop current without interrupting it. SCM 201 signal conditioner is used for safe current measuring motors, pumps, heaters and other devices which are intended to use this current range.

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Technical specifications
Accuracy ±0.1% of full range, typical (for 2-100%) for sinusoidal input
Temperature stability ±0.02%/oC
Response time 220 ms (0-98%)
Output voltage ripple 0.1% of full range RMS
Frequency range 40-500Hz
Galvanic isolation 2.5KV RMS in 1 minute
Loop power supply 10-32VDCc
Output current 4-20mA
Test tap 40-200mV represents 4-20mA (shunt 10ohm ±1%)
Output over-voltage protection 33V tranzorb
Output over-current protection slow fuse 100mA 20x5mm
Current loop resistance Rmax(ohms)=(Vsupply-10)/0.02
Zero adjustment ±25% min
Span adjustment ±25% min
Operating temp. range 0-70 ˚C without condensation
Storage temp. range -25 to 85 ˚C
Enclosure plastic 35x89x71mm, IP50
Mounting standard 35mm rail