UPS 1210

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  • Constant power supply from 12V BATTERY
  • Wide input voltage range 88-264Vac
  • ACCU charging in voltage “float” mode
  • OUTPUT VOLTAGE and BATTERY BACKUP LED indications on front panel
  • Switching OFF input voltage and BATTERY with one switch on front panel
  • Accessible fuses on rear panel
  • ACCU over-discharging protection
  • Non-appropriate BATTERY connecting protection
  • BATTERY polarity connecting protection
  • BATTERY connectors short circuit protection


UPS 1210a has wide input voltage range, 88-264Vac. Nominal output voltage is 13.8V. Device can be constantly loaded upto 10A, and upto 11.5A within 5 minutes. BATTERY type can be standard car battery or gel Pb battery with nominal voltage 12V and capacity between 34Ah and 110Ah. In that case, it is provided uninterruptible power supply for connected device, even if power line breaks off. Autonomy time depends on capacity of used battery and device power consumption. UPS 1210a has power consumption less than 40mA in battery mode. Switch between normal and battery mode, and protection as well, are provided with relay contacts, thus there is no voltage on semiconductors resistance.



Uninterruptible power supply UPS 1210a is intended to use with radio stations and repeaters which nominal input power supply voltage is 13.8V, but it can be used, without restrictions, for power supplying other devices which nominal power supply voltage is 13.8V and its power consumption is not exceeding 140W.

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Technical specifications
Input voltage range 88~264VAC 47~63Hz; 124~370VDC
Input current 2.5A/115V, 1.5A/230V
Inrush current 20A/115V, 40A/230V
Leakage current < 1mA/240VAC
Line regulation 0.5%
Output voltage 13.8V  2%
Output rated current 10A
Output current range 0~11.5A
Ripple & noise 150mVp-p
Load regulation 0.5%
DC output power 140W
Efficiency 80%
Overload protection 105%~135%; type: constant current limiting, reset: auto recovery
Overvoltage protection 115%~135%, type: shutdown
ACCU output voltage 13.3V
Nominal charging current 0.5A
Charging current range 0~0.5A
Overload protection 0.51~0.9A; type: constant current limiting, reset: auto recovery
BATTERY low protection 10V  0.8V
Temperature coefficient 0.03% / °C (0~50°C)
Setup time ts = 2s / 115VAC, ts = 1s / 230VAC
Rise time tr = 90ms / 115VAC, tr = 90ms / 230VAC
Hold time th = 16ms / 115VAC, th = 20ms / 230VAC
Power factor PF > 0.92
Vibrations 10~500Hz, 2G 10min / 1 cycle, period with 60min each axes
Withstand voltage I/P–O/P: 3KVAC, I/P–FG: 1.5KVAC, O/P–FG: 0.5KVAC
Isolation resistance I/P–O/P, I/P–FG, O/P–FG: 500VDC / 100 MOhms
Working temperature, humidity -10°C~+50°C / with 50% of full load, 20%-90% RH
Storage temperature, humidity -20°C ~ +85°C, 10%-95% RH
Dimensions 180mm x 70mm x 250mm
Protection IP20
Weight 1.5kg
Mounting desktop
Connectors screw connectors, 250V, 16A max, 2.5mm2
AC socket cable with ground, 2m length