IDM 50b



  • A programmable modem for SCADA or power utility communication network
  • Multi-standard support: ITU R.35, R.37, R.38A, R.38B, V.21, V.23, V.29, Bell 103 and 202
  • Fully programmable via Hayes AT command set
  • Specialized Line, Power Line Carrier or radio communication
  • Half or full-duplex operating mode






IDM50 is a frequency shift keyed (FSK) and quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) modem for asynchronous and synchronous data transmission in 300-3400 Hz voice band. It is highly immune to interference and noise and permit extensive voice-band communication link utilisation.

The modem supports several international standards ITU V.21, V.23, R.35, R.37, R.38A, R.38B, V.29, Bell 103, Bell 202 and proprietary Cegelec 1200/600 Bd and Indactic 33 communication standards.

The modem can operate in half or full-duplex, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint mode. When using FSK modulation, receive and transmit channels may be independently set.

The modem employs advanced DSPtechnology, thus offering high service flexibility through programmable features. Software configuration is performed via Hayes AT command set. AT commands can be initiated from any terminal application using RS-232 communication interface. Additionally, for easy firmware upgrade a bootstrap loader is provided.


IDM50 is designed for use in SCADA systems mainly based upon power utility communication networks. Depending of modulation standard it can communicate through specialized, private or leased lines, radio links and power lines (PLC).

Mounting Types

IDM50 is available as a desktop modem or in two different types of standard 19'' rack:

  • 1U rack with 1, 2 or 3 modems per rack;
  • 3U rack with 10,12 or 14 modems per rack and additional blank front plates covering unused slots.

*All connectors at the rear side are accessible at the back opennings.

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Type Data transmission on audio frequency analog medium.
Media Leased line, Radio, PLC
  • Asyncronous or synchronous, Point-to-point, multipoint, 2-wire or 4-wire
  • Support for synchronous Indactic 33 protocol








Channel spacing



Channel mean frequency

adjustable in steps of 120Hz

Lowest               Highest

Hz                            Hz

ITU R.35 50 ±30 120 420                        3300
ITU R.37 100 ±60 240 480                        3120
ITU R.38B 200 ±90 360 540                        3060
ITU R.38A 200/300 ±120 480 600                        3000
ITU V.21 300 ±100 400               1080/1750
ITU V.23/1/2 600/1200 ±200/400 800/1600               1500/1700
Bell 103 300 ±100 400               1170/2125
Bell 202 1200 ±500 2000                    1700


rate Bps

Symbol rate Constelation points

Carrier frequency


ITU V.29 4800 2400 4 1700 Half duplex
7200 2400 8 1700 Half duplex
9600 2400 16 1700 Half duplex
DTE interface
  • RS-232C, DB9 (female) connector
  • Signals: DCD, RD, TD, DTR, SG, DSR, RTS, CTS, RI
  • Character length: 5-9 data bits, 1 start, 1 stop
  • RTS/CTS delay: adjustable by 1ms step within range of 40-6825ms
  • Option to switch on fail relay if DCD off
  • Option to transmit on RTS
  • Configuration: AT command set
Analog line
  • DB15 (female) connector;
  • 600Ω or high impedance with return loss < 0.2;
  • Transmission level: 0 to -32dBm, programmable by 1dB step
  • Receive level: 0 to -36dBm, programmable by 1dB step, min. -48dBm
  • Radio control: half-duplex control and squelch detection
Power supply 2-position screw plug type (for 2-2.5mm2 wire)
LED indication PWR, TXD, RXD, RTS, DCD
Power supply

9-18VDC, 9-12VAC, model -12

18-36VDC, 14-23VAC, model -24

36-72VDC, 25-50VAC, model -48

Isolation Transformer up to 1500V
Immunity to noise
  • Peak pulse noise: 100V Peak
  • Effective interference at 50 Hz: 80V rms
Temperature Operation and storage: -10° to +50°C
  • desktop: aluminium enclosure 112x30x170mm
  • 19'' rack: EUROCARD PCB, 160x100mm 3HE, 6T in 1U and 3U rack