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  • GENIbus & M-Bus protocol conversion
  • Designed for remote monitoring of up to three Grundfos circulation pumps
  • Connection to M-Bus port of Danfoss ECL APEX 10 heating substation controller
  • LED indications of power,receive,transmit of GENIbus and M-Bus communications
  • GENIbus line termination
  • Adjustable M-Bus address
  • Triple galvanic isolation: GENIbus, M-Bus and power up to 1.5kV DC
  • Wide power supply range: 8 - 32V DC



GENIbus/M-Bus device is protocol converter which enables remote monitoring of up to three Grundfos circulation pumps over M-Bus port of Danfoss ECL APEX 10 heating substation controller. It has LED indications of power, receive and transmit of GENIbus and M-Bus communications. GENIbus line termination can be enabled with DIP switches. M-Bus address is adjustable with three BCD rotary switches. All ports are mutually galvanic isolated. Power supply is from 8V to 32V DC. Device is designed for mounting on industrial DIN 35 rail.



GENIbus/M-Bus device is completely adjusted and designed for remote monitoring of Grundfos circulation pumps in heating substations.

It enables remote monitoring of following pump parameters:

  • Pump speed [rpm]
  • Pump status [ON/OFF]
  • Pump status error [alarm code]
  • Pump flow - calculated [m3/h]
  • Pump head – differential pressure [kPa]
  • Pump power [W]
  • Pump working hours [h]

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Technical specifications
Communication connectors GENIbus (pluggable screw clamp, 3x2.5mm2); M-Bus (pluggable screw clamp, 2x2.5mm2)
Data rate and format GENIbus 9600bps 8N1; M-Bus 300bps 8E1
GENIbus line termination 120Ω, turning on/off with DIP switch
M-Bus address adjusting with 3 BCD rotary switches
Maximum distance GENIbus 1.2km@9600bps; M-Bus 1km@300bps; cable 0.8mm2
LED indicators ON, MTx, MRx, GTx, GRx
Galvanic isolation triple, 1.5kV DC
Power supply DC 8 - 32V, max 2.5W
Power supply connectors pluggable screw clamp, 2x2.5mm2
Mounting 35mm DIN rail
Operating temperature -25 do 70°C
Dimensions 100 x 45 x 20 mm