Repeater 422-485

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  • Supports several baud rates and formats
  • Automatic proceed reception / send
  • Rx and Tx LED indication
  • Line termination with 120Ω resistors
  • Power supply 8 to 30V DC / 220V AC
  • Triple galvanic isolation up to 1.5kVDC
  • DIN 35mm rail mounting
  • Galvanic isolation of RS422-485 line
  • Range extension of RS422-485 line
  • Capacity extension of RS422-485 system



Repeater 422-485 is a communication converter intended to use for galvanic isolation, and range and capacity extension of RS422-485 network. Operating mode, line termination, baud rate and data format are easy selectable by DIP switches mounted inside of the device. Power supply and both RS422-485 ports are for each other galvanic isolated. Device has wide power supply range, from 8 to 30V DC (DC version) or 220V AC (AC version). It is suitable for DIN 35mm rail mounting.




Repeater 422-485 can operate either in two way or four way semi-duplex mode, either in four way full- duplex mode. Moreover, it can operate as four way in to two way converter wherewith it enables to connect RS422 interface in to RS485 multi-drop network. It has ground protection for noise suppresion, voltage overstress and transients on both ports. Proceed reception/send is automatic, and proceed time is defined according to selected baud rate and data format by DIP switches. LED diodes indicate power supply status and status of Rx and Tx lines.

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Technical specifications
Communication connectors 2 x RS422-485, pluggable screw clamp 3.5mm, 1.5mm2
Baud rate and data format up to 115200 bps, supports all data formats (9-12 bits)
Operating mode two way and four way semi-duplex; four way full-duplex
Galvanic isolation Triple, up to 1.5kV DC
Line termination 120Ω resistor per each line
LED indication Power ON, Rx1, Tx1, Rx2, Tx2
Power supply DC version: 8 to 30V DC, max 1.5W; AC version: 220V AC, max 2W
Power supply connector Pluggable screw clamp 3.5mm, 1.5mm2
Dimension 90 x 35 x 70 mm (without connection blocks)
Weight cca 100g
Protection IP40
Temperature range -20°C to +75°C, 0 to 95% RH (non condensed)
Mounting DIN 35mm rail