DC 232/422-485

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  • Converts RS-422/485 to RS-232 interface
  • Supports all data rates and formats
  • Switching between receive/transmit mode can be triggered automatic (auto TX) or with RTS signal
  • Line termination
  • LED indication of receiving/transmitting data
  • Repeater mode, which expands 422-485 line rangeT
  • riple galvanic isolation: RS 232 and RS 422-485 and power supplies up to 1.5kV DC
  • Power supply range: 7 - 32V DC



DC 232/422-485 is a communication converter intended for connecting serial industrial buses and devices with RS 422-485 connector to PC serial port. By connecting this module to PC, capacity of “high-speed” RS422-485 ports is additionally extended. Operation mode (twowired/fourwired) and data rates are easily set with DIP switch. All ports are mutually galvanic isolated. Power supply is from 7V to 32V DC. Mountig is on industrial DIN 35 rail.


DC 232/422-485 module is suitable for applications in industrial communications and process automation, alarm systems and telemetry. It is used for:

  • Interconnecting distributed I/O modules and PLCs to PC;
  • Galvanic isolation of PC without COM ports to RS 422-485 networks;
  • Field data readout using laptop.

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Communication connectors RS 232 (female DB9);RS 422-485 (disjonible screw clamp, 8 wires)
Data rate and format up to 115.2 Kb/s, supports all formats (9-12 bits)
422/485 Line termination 120Ω, turning on/off with DIP switch
Switching receive/transmit RTS or automatic
Maximum distance 1.2km @ 9600 b/s
LED indicators PWR, TxD, RxD
Galvanic isolation 1.5kV DC
Power supply DC 7 - 32V, max 2.5W
Mounting 35mm DIN rail
Operating temperature -25 to 70°C
Dimensions 90 x 35 x 70mm