• Multi-band GSM modem supporting GPRS packet services
  • LabVIEW VI library with a set of functions and examples for using the module from the Real-Time application of the cRIO platform
  • Text and PDU SMS messages
  • CSD communication (data call)
  • TCP/UDP communication, up to 8 simultaneous connections
  • FTP and email functions
  • Power supply 8 to 30V DC
  • Fits the single NI cRIO slot







cRIO GSM module enables GSM communication of the CompactRIO controllers using the public land mobile networks. It is based on SIMCom’s GSM SIM900 modem. SIM900 is a quad-band module with SMS, CSD and GPRS communication features. 

National Instruments (NI) is an American company specialized in measurement and control equipment as well as virtual instrumentation software. Their software development platform, LabVIEW, set the standards for data acquisition, industrial automation and automated testing.

NI CompactRIO (cRIO) is a modular programmable automation controller (PAC) which enables data acquisition and control for systems demanding high performances, real-time processing and ultimate reliability.

cRIO GSM module is placed directly into common NI cRIO chassis. The LED indicators, power supply connection, SMA antenna connector and SIM card slot are located on the front panel of the module.

The module is supplied with DC voltage from 8V to 30V. The average consumption is less than 1.5W, whereas the maximal can be up to 2W.



The module functionalities are achieved by calling the LabVIEW functions from the Real-Time application of the cRIO platform:

  • Basic functions for module usage (module reset and initialization, module shut-down, checking of GSM signal quality and network registration status),
  • Text and PDU SMS functions (send SMS with optional delivery report, asynchronous delivery report for text SMS, asynchronous notification of new received SMS, read specific SMS message from the SIM card, list all SMS messages from the SIM card according to the specified criterion, delete SMS messages from the SIM card),
  • CSD functions (making the data call, asynchronous wait for a call, answer and hang-up the call, send and receive the data over the data call connection),
  • GPRS TCP/UDP communication functions (activation and deactivation of GPRS service, open and close TCP or UDP connection, send and receive the data over the TCP or UDP connection, start and stop TCP server, asynchronous wait for a new client connection on started TCP server),
  • FTP functions (upload and download a file to/from a FTP server),
  • Email functions (send an email through a SMTP server, receive an email through a POP3 server).

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GSM features

Supported GSM bands

850, 900, 1800, 1900

Packet services

GPRS Class 12

Power supply

Front panel voltage [V DC]

8 do 30

Average current at 12 V [mA]


Peak current supply at 12 V [A]


Back panel voltage [V DC]


Back panel current [mA]



GSM push-push SIM connector on the front panel

SMA antenna connector on the front panel

DB15 connector on the back panel

Power supply connector on the front panel

LED indicators


Indicates the module’s connection to the GSM network

GSM External Power

On when the external power supply is connected

GSM Power Status

On when the external power supply is passed to the module using driver function from LabVIEW

Work conditions and dimensions

Operating temperature range [°C]

-30 to +65

Relative humidity [%]

10 to 90

Dimensions [mm]

80 x 88 x 23

Weight [g]


What's in the box?

GSM cRIO communication module

CD with the instruction manual, set of functions (VIs) and examples for LabVIEW and LabVIEW project template

Omnidirectional antenna for direct mount on the SMA connector (option: antenna with 2m cable and magnetic base)

Power supply cable (1.5m) with the front panel connector

DC power supply (optionally, according to the customer needs)